stuff for the future
Shantaram's Handwriting Input Tool.
attempts at a JavaScript game engine.
Portable computer
Simple, retro-style portable computer design. Incorporates:
  • 30 pushbuttons,
  • a 20x4 LCD,
  • an ESP8266/z80 cpu [brains],
  • and an Atmega328 based Arduino [I/O],
  • along with some 74hc165/595s and a piezo buzzer.
I'd also love to make it communicate wirelessly and do math calculations. I can occassionally be found rambling about this in ##electronics on libera.
Animated film
Someday, I'd like to make an animated film using a combination of a doom-style rendering engine and 2d sprites, just to see where it goes.
So Long, Sally
a game about a high school and a girl who goes missing
Untitled Apocalypse Game
a game about:
  • earth in the future
  • a crashlanded robot
  • a war nobody meant to start
  • and a sweetheart left at home
The Anti-dragonscourge
interactive fiction game about a dragon-slayer tired of dragon-slaying.