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If you're interested in purchasing any of these services, e-mail me at or use one of the means listed on my contact page.

Web design

Have a vision, but not sure how to implement it? I will build the website of your dreams using your content and ensure your goals are met. Once complete, you will receive a zip file with all the site code and assets.
For an additional fee I can deploy the website to your already-provisioned server, or help you deploy your site for the first time.
Note: I think the web should be filled with light, accessible styles (such as the one you're viewing now) and so if you have something particularly grand or frilly in mind, consider looking for another designer.
PRICING Prices start at $20 (INR 1000 for Indian customers) for the first eight hours of work. Every additional hour of work will be billed at $10 (₹500 for Indian customers) per hour. Contact me for details and a free quote.

Software engineering / website deployment

Have a cool idea for an application / a utility you need but can't build? Always wanted a website, but never could figure out how to start? Hire me to do it for you! I have experience in Java, Python, HTML5, JavaScript (front-end and back-end), and CSS. I also know a little bit of Svelte.
PRICING $50 for the first eight hours, $20 per additional hour, depending on complexity. (INR 2000 for the first and INR 1000/hr onwards for Indian customers.)

Tutoring / training

I can teach you or someone you know one of the following things.
  • All courses will continue as long as we have more to cover in the syllabus. Thus, the duration and total cost depends entirely on your learning speed.
  • All courses cost $25/hour. (INR 1000/hour for Indian customers)

Scripting and automation

I will help you automate just about any task of your choosing by writing a Python script for it.
PRICING $10-50 depending on complexity. (INR 500 to 1000 for Indian customers.)

Linux services

I can help you migrate to Linux on your machine. You'd be surprised how many people don't have any everyday tasks that require Windows or another nonfree (free as in freedom, not free beer) OS installed, and you can even have both your current OS and Linux installed at the same time, in many cases.
A desktop environment, in simple terms, consists of the things you see and interact with to use your computer and the applications you use to do your work. You can choose any one of the following environments and distributions and I'll walk you through getting them set up on your computer.
Choice of environment:
Choice of distribution:
PRICING $10-15 per install, depending on distro. (INR 250-500 for Indian customers.)

Computer maintenance

Have an old system that's running slow? Or did you just avail yourself of my Linux package and are looking to keep your system running well / would like some security in case something breaks? You'd be surprised what a few simple tweaks can do for your old workhorse. Hire me, and I'll provide you constant support for your machine. I charge by the week, and in that time, all you have to do is send me an e-mail or a text message and I will help you ASAP with whatever it is you need, upto an hour a day ($5/INR200 per extra hour after the first hour). Or you can get a one-time repair for a smaller fee.
PRICING $25 per week, $10 for a one-time fix. (INR 1000/300 for Indian customers.)
If there's no measurable improvement after a one-time fix, there won't be any charge.

Hardware advice/computer troubleshooting

Looking to build a new system? Have an older system that's a bit faulty? I will help you with these things.
PRICING $10/hour for troubleshooting discussions, $5/hour for building discussions. (INR 500/200 respectively for Indian customers.)


I can write both fiction and non-fiction pieces depending on your requirements. It could be anything from writing documentation for your software project, to editing / proofreading something you wrote, to writing an entirely original piece.
PRICING $5/200 words. (INR 1/word for Indian customers.)

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